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Currently we are working on the projects for the following organizations:

G3Consult company enhances its activities by the cooperation with the subsidiary company of G3ap where we develop the competences in the area of TIS development.

Charity Donation

G3Consult, Ltd. decided to re-make a donation to philanthropic purposes in June of 2013. The donation of 10,000 CZK will support the civic association activities of Arpida in České Budějovice. The specific donation purpose is to support a summer mental health and wellness services for families with children with physical handicaps and the combination of mental and physical handicaps which will take place from 5th August to 11th August, 2013 in the recreation facility of Jedlička Institute and Schools – Buková farmhouse. The stay is organized by Arpida centre, Ceske Budejovice.

New Cooperation

Our company started a co-operation with Mgr. Petr Lecián who specializes in integration relations of information systems in a utility sector. Our team was enlarged by new co-operatives: Radim Oliva – he focuses on marketing, business and IT operation and Tomáš Drn – an IT operation specialist and a junior consultant for business applications in a utility sector.

We started a co-operation with Ing. Tomáš Řezníček who specializes in a project management area and IT solution architecture in a utility sector and with Ing. Alexandra Macháčová – a GIS specialist.

New Office Facilities

We have enlarged our working facilities in 6 Havličkova, Česke Budějovice by a new office.


Charity Donation

In May G3Consult decided to make charity donations. Two organizations, which directly support citizens as stated in their financial statements, were chosen. We donated 5,000 CZK to the Diocesan Charity in Ceske Budejovice which is a significant provider of non-state social-health care in South Bohemia region. It is established by the Catholic Church and its aim is to help people in need regardless their races, nationalities or religions. The other donation of 5,000 CZK was given to Montessori Centrum Pomněnka - a civic association of parents and friends of predisposed and handicapped children that offers children and their parents quality educational programmes focused on the developing of children intellectual skills.

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